Eye Contact


This little quilt was made for a show called "Eye Contact" created by the Sacred Threads organization. Entries were limited to this size and the content of two human eyes looking out at the viewer. The message of the show was the need in our society today to look up and interact with the people around us. It seems to me that he desire (necessity) to be truly seen is so crucial to the divisions and angst that currently plague our political/social discourse.  My own quilt is based on the thought that "the eyes are windows to the soul". The exhibit traveled around the country. I always love the creativity in a challenge project, and this exhibit was marvelous in that respect.

Date: 2019

Size: 23" x 5"

Materials/techniques: cotton, lamé, threads. Machine and hand appliqué, embroidery, applied loose threads.

Shown: Eye Contact traveling exhibit, Sacred Threads, 2018-2022.

Blog: I See You

Price: NFS

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