The World Turns Upside Down


This quilt uses a set of fabric swatches from the Just Wanna Quilt facebook group. I love a good challenge project. This one had no rules the instructions were to "do something with these." What I did was inspired by the upheavals at the early pandemic, the rise of the BLM movement, and watching the Hamiltoni musical. I had two identical sets of swatches. So I made the same gradated patchwork twice, layerd them with a piece of flannel between, and rotated the bottom on 90 degrees. A new orientation can now be seen, making its way upwards through the geometric holes in the top layer.

Date: 2020

Size: 19" x 19.25"

Materials/techniques: cotton sample swatches, cotton flannel. machine pieced, layers turned, hand appliquéd.

Blog: World Turns Upside Down - Part 1 and World Turns Upside Down - Part 2

Price: NFS

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