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Artist's Statement

Ann Wasserman

My interest in quilts and quiltmaking includes both the love of the antique beauties and the challenge of contemporary design.

My background in anthropology has lead me to study the social context and history of quilts and quilters. The role of women in the history of this country, the "heart and soul" of quiltmaking, is as exciting to me as the beauty of the quilts themselves. I do feel a strong connection to and continuity with quiltmaking traditions, though I don't make traditional-looking quilts. The drive for self-expression is one and the same.

I explore original design in my own quiltmaking as an expression of my own heart and soul. I am allowing myself to work more confidently with dream and meditative imagery, letting the quilts design themselves from these intuitive places. I am learning to trust these images and to keep the rational from editing as I sew. This is a metaphor for a process that is on-going in all aspects of my life.

I hope to make quilts that are pleasant to look at, and that express balance and peace. I am often drawn to include horizontal or circular forms in my imagery and to use color combinations that are delicate and subtle. Gradations give a sense of depth or of a light source. Often, borders are ambiguous, somehow part of the design, never completely containing the images. The fabrics and threads themselves are always an essential part of the design and effect. I want to leave no question in the viewer's mind as to why the idea is executed in fabric rather than with paints or inks.

polka dots Something From Nothing
(series - 41 quilts so far)
thumbnail Memories of Spring
Deer Creek Fen Deer Creek Fen thumbnail Born of the Earth / Our Spirits Soar
cycle of the seasons To Turn, To Turn thumbnail Putting It All In Perspective
A Room of Her Own A Room of Her Own thumbnail Serenity
buttons and cats Buttons and Cats thumbnail Renovation
thumbnail Love Knows No Limits thumbnail Serenity Above, Serenity Below
thumbnail Concerto thumbnail Summer Evening Breeze
thumbnail Hands All Around thumbnail Beginning
thumbnail Unity thumbnail The Moon Rises Full
thumbnail For Sabrina thumbnail A Change in Perspective
thumbnail Golden Oak thumbnail I Never Really Did Like That Pattern
thumbnail They Could Have Danced All Night thumbnail The Quiet Place Where Time Stands Still
thumbnail Decorated - Decorative - Decorating thumbnail Dancin
thumbnail With One Voice thumbnail Open Your Mind, Open Your Heart
thumbnail Transition Time thumbnail Quiet Reflection
thumbnail Lighten Up!side Down thumbnail She Shares Her Splendor With The Sea
thumbnail Interruptions thumbnail Nature's Perspective
thumbnail Portrait of the Artist as a ... Refrigerator    


How to Contact Me to Commission an Art Quilt
       You can contact me, Ann Wasserman, at
Note: I have been experiencing some problems sending and receiving messages, particularly from gmail accounts. (This seems to not be an isolated problem. Apparently, some carriers have beefed up their spam filters.) Adding me to your address book may help. Please include your phone number to give me a backup contact. If email seems to not be working, you can also contact me via my Facebook page or via Instagram @ann_quilts. Thanks.

As each commissioned quilt is unique, the design decisions will be based on our conversations covering dimensions, style, color, personal symbols, etc. I will work up a sketch and/or fabric mock-up as needed. Cost is figured on the basis of complexity of design and size.

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