Serenity Above, Serenity Below

Serenity Above, Serenity Below

Right away, I knew that these fabrics would become a night ocean scene. From there on, it was just a question of details, finding the right beads and such. While planning and sewing, I began to chuckle as I realized that this really represents the wish of a tired mother of small children (me, that is) to be floating serenely in a place that is very dark and very quiet.

Date: 1997

Size: 35" diameter

Materials/techniques: polyester knit, cotton, net, beads. machine appliquéd and quilted, hand beaded and tied.

Shown: Stocker Art Center, OH, 1997. Aullwood Audubon Center, OH, 1998. Fine Art of Fiber, IL, 2003.

Price: $1500.

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