I stood in the lobby of a newly renovated building and admired the quilt I had been commisioned to create for that space. It echoed the tilework benches and planters very nicely. Well, it was all a dream. But the next morning, I went to my fabric stash and pulled out pieces in the colors I had dreamed. I liked it when I was awake, too! So here it is.

Date: 1997

Size: 35" x 45"

Materials/techniques: cotton, lamé. machine pieced, appliquéd and quilted.

Shown: Stocker Art Center, OH, 1997. Illinois Quilters, Inc. IL 1997. Contemporary Quilt Design, The Chicago Athenaeum at Schaumburg, IL, 2001. Contemporary Stitches, Barrington Area Arts Council, IL, 2003. Art Connects, Concordia College, IL, 2004. Southern Illinois Artisans Center,Whittington, IL, 2007. Evanston Made, IL, 2016.

Price: $1650.

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