I dreamed about a funeral. We rode in a small boat. We left from a dark, craggy shore where all the trees had died. We sailed across an expanse of grey water beneath a grey sky. We arrived on a sandy beach arching beneath a white cliff and populated by fantastic birds, just as the sun began to peak through the clouds. During the three and a half years that this quilt was in progress, I have become the mother of two children, discovered the power of prayer, and through these, begun to heal many wounds from my own childhood. I have ridden that boat and been reborn to a new life, indeed.

Date: 1994

Size: 69" x 33"

Materials/techniques: cotton, organza. machine appliquéd and quilted. hand embroidered.

shown: New York Quilt Festival, 1995. Illinois Quilters Inc., 1995. Stocker Art Center, OH, 1997. Contemporary Quilt Design, The Chicago Athenaeum at Schaumburg, IL, 2001. Facets of Fiber, Barrington Arts Council, IL, 2003. Sacred Threads, OH, 2003.

published: Quilting Today, Feb 1997.

awards: Viewers' Choice First Place, Illinois Quilters Inc., 1995.
Selected for show publicity postcard, Sacred Threads, OH, 2003.

Price: sold

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