The Phantom Tollbooth
Costume Portraits

photos by Megan Paisley

Milo - before journey Milo - after journey clock Tock, the Watchdog
Milo before Milo after clock Tock
The Humbug Gatekeeper of Dictionopolis The Weatherman The Whetherman
Humbug Gatekeeper Weatherman Whetherman
King Azaz The Mathemagician    
Azaz Mathemagician Mathemagician  
The princesses Princess of Sweet Rhyme Princess of Pure Reason  
Princesses Rhyme Reason  
The Lethargarians      
 Lethargarians     Lethargarians
The Page The Spelling Bee    
The Page Spelling Bee Spelling Bee  
Waiters   Word Merchants  
waiters Word Merchants
The Ministers   Miners  
Ministers Miners
The Dodecahedron Dr. Dischord The Awful Dynne  
Dodecahedron Dr. Dischord Dynne Dynne
The Terrible Trivium Demon of Insincerity The Wordsnatcher The Senses Taker
Trivium Insincerety Wordsnatcher Senses Taker
The Demons of Ignorance      

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