Romeo and Juliet
Costume Portraits

photos by Ann Wasserman

Abram Balthasar Gregory Sampson
Abram Balthasar Gregory Sampson
Capulet Lady Capulet   Nurse
Capulet Lady C Lady C Nurse
Juliet   Tybalt  
Juliet Juliet Tybalt  
Montague Lady Montague Benvolio Mercutio
Montague Lady M Benvolio Merccutio
Romeo Romeo    
Escalus   Paris  
Escalus escalus Paris  
Friar Lawrence Friar John Apothocary  
Friar Lawrence Friar John apothocary  
chorus chorus chorus chorus
chorus chorus    
Party Guests     Capulet Cousin
party guest party guest party guest cousin
servant servant servant servant
Peter Petruchio musicians  
servant servant musician musician

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