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logologologo  About my book - Preserving Our Quilt Legacy  logologologo

      "Thank you for coming out with a comprehensive publication on this subject of quilt restoration. You are inspiring me to start my own blog soon, to add to the knowledge bank of what’s out there in our field – so that others may want to learn!"
Martha Spark, Quilt Restoration Services & Consulting

      "I've just finished reading your book Preserving Our Quilt Legacy and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I have been restoring and conserving quilts for over ten years, and as I read your book I was seconding your thoughts on conservative treatment of quilt repairs and learning new techniques for my own repair work in the future. This was a much needed update to Camille Cognac's twenty year old work. Thank you!"
Dale Drake, Swallowtail Ridge Quilt Repair and Restoration

A quilt store owner using the information in my book to enhance her business.
      "I am a commission quilter and owner of Quilts By Commission in Auburn, NY. I purchased your book a few months ago and devoured every word of it as I have 3 vintage quilts that clients want me to "fix". As you can imagine I was honored to help these very loved items, but wanted to do my research. If it weren't for your pictures and information I would never have known where to start. There is not much information online, and it is certainly not a topic I have ever come across at a quilt show or guild program."
Stephanie McCall

Advised on cleaning of a 1930s Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt with foxing stains
      We washed the quilt and it is much brighter. A lot of the orange washed out, but of course we still have stains as expected primarily on the backing. I am pleased with the results. Your book guided us through the process and was really helpful. It will be a valuable reference in the future as well. Thanks for all your help! Lynne

A quilt restorer using the information in my book to advance her skills.

      My mother-in-law made the crazy quilt in the photos in the 1920's. My daughter inherited it. It had damage where it had been folded for all those years. Otherwise, it was in pretty good condition. I show the before and after pictures of a pink piece (photos 1 & 2), and the last photo is of the quilt. I used your book to plan and make the repairs. I would not have known where to start otherwise! I used a lightweight silk fabric to make the appliques, and 100 wt silk thread to do the repair. I bought silk organza to cover the binding which was badly worn. We were pleased that the color was so good with the original fabric. Your book addressed all the issues I was working on, so thank you!

befor after binding

logologologo  About my repair work  logologologo

1853, historically significant, museum-quality American eagle quilt - conservation of torn fabrics, reconstruction of missing detailing:
      I really inspected it over the weekend and am thrilled w/ the results - just another Thank You.
Letter of recommendation:
      "Hello,  I highly recommend Ann for her work on quilts.  She repaired (preserved) a very important quilt for me and let me tell you she was very detailed and professional and the quilt came out great.  She let me know on every detailed progress that was going on and made sure I approved before.   Her price structure is very fair.  Thanks, Mark Wilcox -"

Completion of family heirloom quilt begun in 1961- final blocks made with vintage fabrics provided by the owner:

      Thanks again for all your beautiful work on the quilt. It is just perfect, from top to bottom, and we feel so fortunate to have found you, an expert at your craft!

Repair of 3 heirlom quilts - one cotton log cabin, late 1880s, signed by the owner's great-grandmother - two wool crazy quilts, one dated 1948, made by the owner's mother and likely also his grandmother, great-grandmother, and an aunt or two.
      I received the quilts today! They look wonderful. I am so happy to have these family treasures restored and protected. Your long hours of care and attention are deeply appreciated, every one. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Repair of mouse holes in a quilt made for the great-grandparents' wedding in 1894. Signed and dated by friends and family of the happy couple.
      Oh, you do such lovely work! Thank you! You are so talented.

Original design star quilt, made by the owner's mother and step-father, 1994:
      Thank you so much for the gorgeous job repairing my quilt! I’m so, so happy! You have done more than repair my quilt, you have repaired my heart. With immense gratitude, Kathy

Hawaiian quilt, 1982:
      I’m very pleased with the repairs you did. Can’t even tell where the damages were. Really appreciate your time and effort, not to mention your courtesy and professionalism. Please use me as a reference if you wish. I would highly recommend you.

1950s-60s Grandmother's Flower Garden:
      When I came home from work today the quilt was waiting for me!! It’s lovely. You really did a nice job matching the spirit of its creator- I’ve had to search for the fabrics you used. I love this quilt the more I look at it! Thank you so much. This quilt will remind my daughter of her beloved grandma.
      Take care sweet rare being. I don’t think there are many of your kind left - one who preserves the past... It was nice working with you.
Peace sista!

1940s Combinatioin Star:
Thank you
The packaging, taping securely,
double boxing of
my mother's now my son's
heirloom quilt
with your love and skill.

Yes, it has
arrived at my home, Love Road.
Blessings to you and
your excellent

Miz Dee

Extensive patching and re-binding of two 1940s family heirloom quilts, a 9-patch and a Burgoyne Surrounded:
      The quilts were received and they are stunning! I cannot thank you enough for your exquisite work, the painstaking efforts you did to match the color on the blue/pink quilt and all of your wonderful documentation efforts to mark the changes. The quilts went straight on the foot of two beds and are so perfect there. Each adds both history and a great sense of family. My oldest daughter and I "read" my great grandmother's quilt and had a great conversation over where we thought some of the fabric had come from and what life was like for her. What a tremendous legacy you have restored for us! Many, many thanks! Please let me know if you ever need a reference or if I can pass on great comments on your excellent work!

Rebuild of denim patch comforter with flannel back, which entailed removing torn back and batting, patching several denim squares, re-tying with new batting and flannel back.
      I received my quilt today, and I could not be happier. I cried when I opened it, I snuggled in it, then I actually examined it. I love the flannel that you used! I can’t tell where you made repairs. It is perfect!!

1930s rayon Bow Tie comforter, dog chew damage patched:

      Ann, just wanted to thank you for the wonderful, caring way you healed my badly hurt quilt. It looks so good and is such a comfort to have it back on my bed! (I am sending a pic)
       I also greatly appreciate you giving me several options for levels of repair and cost. That made a difference and made my decision easier and more feasible.
       Thank you for the important work you do!

1940s Dresden Plate - many patches, and re-binding:

      I received my quilt today- it is beautiful. You are definitely an artist. I could barely even tell where the repairs were and the new fabrics combine wonderfully with the existing fabrics. I can not thank you enough. I appreciate all that you have done for it. I will treasure it and take special care of it.

1940s Improved 9-Patch - patched and featured on the blog with old family photos:

      Wow, Ann, you did a beautiful job featuring the quilt! I am so happy and will share your blog with my extended family members! Thank you for letting me know, and for your passionate care of vintage generational quilts!! I love what you did!!

1930s Colonial Lady - patching:

      "WOW" is the word that best describes the job you did on the "little lady". It looks like it is a part of the original quilt. "She" is very happy (and so am I!)
      Thank you so much; you are so talented! I am glad there is someone out there who loves quilts as much as I do and can help them retain their original glory!

Two heirloom quilts,1950s - capital O, totally rebuilt - 9-patch, patching and rebinding:

So glad I found you online to repair and care for my family quilts. You've been so easy to work with. I've appreciated your opinions, estimates, choice of color, material, and very professional repair. Thanks so much!

1950s bow tie - patching:

Thank you so much for your compassionate care of my quilt! I know it will live on for years to come due in large part to your repair work! You've been a blessing to me, and I will share information about your talents and skills with others who need quilt-1st-aid!

1860s Log Cabin - patching:

       It was very nice to see you again, and I'm thrilled at how the quilt looks. I appreciate your effort to preserve its original look with fabrics the right color and weight. It's all wonderful. Thank you.

1940s Hexagons, made in Ireland - patching and re-backing:

       My quilt arrived yesterday, and I can't begin to tell you how pleased I am! It looks absolutely beautiful. Your attention to detail, your fine workmanship, and the vintage fabrics you chose have restored the quilt to its former beauty. I am so glad that I will be able to enjoy looking at it for several more years, thanks to you, and I feel sure that if my mom could see it she would feel the same.

Crazy Quilt - patching:

       Last weekend my cousin showed me the quilt from her mother’s side of the family that you restored. It was fantastic to see it again, as I remember it well from sixty years ago. I know my brother and sister will enjoy seeing it also, and they, too, will admire your work in restoring it.

Dated 2003 sampler, Amish-made in Bird-inHand, PA - patching and rebinding:

I picked up my quilt. It is absolutely FANTASTIC!!! You are masterful. Thank you so much.

1930s Grandmother's Flower Garden with huge tears through all three layers and missing fabrics throughout - rebuilt open tears and did lots of patching

      I cannot believe what a fantastic job you did!  I can't even tell where the rips were!  I'm so excited I can't type!  I have to keep backspacing to correct typos!!  My hands are shaking!!  
      I love the fabrics you used as well and it was so great to have the little samples on your "Quilt Repair Report" and I'll file that away for safe-keeping! 
      I keep staring at it in disbelief!  You are quite the artist, that's all I can say!  Thank you, thank you!  I'm so glad I found you!
       Well, I keep making excuses to walk by my daughter's room!  My friend Kate came over tonight and she was astonished when she saw what you had done!  She's now thinking about going through her attic to find family heirlooms herself! 
       Since opening the box you sent the quilt in, I'm almost afraid to touch the quilt, it seems so fragile so I thank you for your advice on how to keep it in good shape and to prolong its life! 
       So, once again, I can't thank you enough for the gorgeous, miraculous work you've done on this sentimental heirloom of mine.  I'm still giddy, it's hard to explain, but I am forever thankful Ann.
       I hope to send more business your way!  I feel so lucky to have found you!  You are a gem!
      Thanks again for everything! I'm so loving my quilt and so thankful to you for advising me not to cut it into pieces so all relatives could enjoy. It looks fantastic!  Thanks again Ann for everything!  We are all so happy!

1930s fan with 9 patch sashing:

      Ann, the quilt arrived today and you did a beautiful job. It looks like the original now. The fabric selection was perfect. Thanks so much again for doing this for me.

Victorian silk squares - patching and new back:

      The quilt is wonderful!!!  You did a beautiful job restoring it.  Many, many thanks. 

1930s Sunbonnet Sue and twin set Dresden Plates, family heirlooms - patching:

      I am currently looking at the samples of material that you used to repair our quilts and at the quilts themselves.  You did a fabulous job!
      Thanks so much for the care and thoughtfulness with which you did this. We promise to take good care of them!

1981 Child's Sampler Quilt - patching:

      I received the quilts and thank you so much for the excellent job!
      My daughter will be so thrilled to receive her blanket on Christmas morning.  At the age of 29, she still loves her baby quilt.

1980 Buckeye Beauty quilt - patching of mouse-chewed holes:

      The quilt just arrived ... it is beautiful! Thanks for the excellent repairs. I honestly can't tell what is new and what is original. I have it laid out on one of the beds and it looks just like remember it.

1968 one-patch child's quilt - had been filled with a piece of wool blanket which had felted in laundering - rebuilt quilt with new batitng, patched torn fabrics:
      The quilt just arrived, the pic did not do it justice it turned out great again thank-you...we are going to proudly display it, we are looking forward to many years of having it...again thank you for the hard work you put into the repairs, it is amazing work.

Family heirloom crazy quilt - a quilt collector who has brought quite a few quilts to me:

      The quilt restoration blog is a valuable source of history and again tells me of the value and talent of your ability.


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